WooCommerce has a cool built-in Reports feature included. You can access your reports by navigating to WooCommerce > Reports on your Dashboard.

In this post I’d like to talk about Refunds and what does this field actually show as it can get really tricky.

Let’s say we have this report for the last 7 days:

Refund Report for the Last 7 days

You can see here that our Report shows that our total number of refunded amount is $30.16. We also see that the date this amount is tied to is May 23rd.

But what does the amount $30.16 actually show?

The most common mistakes that store owners make is assuming that it shows the total amount of orders refunded which have been placed on May 23rd. But this is not correct!

What it actually shows is the amount of all refunded orders you processed on that day for the orders your customers placed days before.

For example:

  • Bob placed an order for $10.00 on April 21st
  • Anna placed an order for the amount of $5.00 on April 30th
  • Jessica placed an order for the amount of $15.16 on May 2nd

Let’s say they all asked for a refund on May 23 and you processed them all on that day (May 23rd).

The report will show that a total refunded amount on May 23rd is $30.16 ($10.00 + $5.00 + $15.16). Note that these amounts won’t be added to April 21st, April 30th, and May 2nd but will be reported on May 23rd as we see in our screenshot.

Hope it clarifies the situation as this type of reporting is expected in WooCommerce.

As always, feel free to comment with follow-up questions.

Happy Reporting! 🙂

Posted by Julia Amosova

I love traveling, New York City, coffee, my husband, late mornings, taking pictures, new cool technologies and good books.

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