By default, the current version of WooCommerce Mix & Match Products extension (version 1.2.3) does not display a short description of Mix & Match Product contents on the product page.

I wrote a code snippet which can help, however, you’d need to modify several extension’s files, therefore, use it at your own risk! 

And viola, we’ve got our descriptions in place:

If you have any follow-up questions, feel free to ask in comments.

Happy Mix & Matching! 🙂

Posted by Julia Amosova

I love traveling, New York City, coffee, my husband, late mornings, taking pictures, new cool technologies and good books.


  1. Hi Julia,

    Great article!

    I’m using Mix n Match on a website I work on and I’m displaying products from different categories. What I’d like to do is to separate the items so it displays the category name on top.. Do you think that is feasible? Would you point me towards a way I could accomplish that?

    Thanks a lot!

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    1. Hi Sam!

      Thanks for stopping by! Sorry for the late response, I’ve been on vacation and just got back online today 🙂

      As far as displaying the product category – sure, it is possible with the custom code as well. I’ll look into it between today and tomorrow and will reply with some tips or a code snippet. However, if you’d need to sort by category as well, it will be a bit more complex. I’ll do my best.




  2. Hey – can you do this to show the individual unit price? For example, the cost of each apple, etc.

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    1. Hi there!

      Thanks for checking out this post! Apologies for the late response – I’ve been on vacation and just got back online today.

      I’ll write a code snippet to display the individual price of the products and will reply here between today and tomorrow, shouldn’t be difficult to implement. However, I also recommend looking at the Product Bundles extension which has this functionality by default (in case you are up for a switch):


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